37th Royal Court

by Lori Egnew Hess

Our Royal Court Coronation is held 2 weeks prior to our Annual St Patrick's Day Parade

shileleagh close up
by Lori Egnew Hess

Our lovely girls and ladies each receive a crown, banner and traditional handmade shilleagh, 
during our Royal Tea.

krewe of erin former queens
Krewe of Erin Grand Marshals in attendance, Queens 1994 Erin March, 2019 Maygan O’Mally, 2017 Mollie O’Mally, 2011 Lauren Zeller, 2012 Lacie Zeller, 1993 Kathy Newton Mott, and 2020 Carrie Benitez by Lori Egnew Hess

This year, we announced our Parade Grand Marshalls would be all of our former Queens! Unfortunately, we had to cancel our parade the following week, so they will be helping out with different events during the year.

We also announced that our Parade would be dedicated to late Krewe member, Galusha March, father of former Queen Erin March (and head of Queen's Committee). That dedication will follow over to our 2022 parade.

queen carrie and jr maid lilly

2020 Queen Carrie Benetiz and Jr Maid Lilly ingle by Lori Egnew Hess

The winning table decoration award went to Jr Maid Lilly Ingle, and her 'There's Gnome Place Like Home", wth her special snome dedicated in memory of Galusha March.

by Lori Egnew Hess

Our Royal Tea is part of the uniqueness of our Coronation! Each Royal Court member, and their family, decorate their table, in the theme of their choosing. Special guests are selected to be judges, for impartiality!

teapot and tea
by Lori Egnew Hess

Please see our Royal Court Page for how your daughter can join!


krew of erin royal train
by Lori Egnew Hess


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