Welcome to Our 2023 Celtic Heritage Festival Queens!

 We are please to announce that we have 4 amazing young women to represent our organization for the 2022/2023 festival season!

2023 celtic heritage queens

Our new 2023 Celtic Hertage Festival Queens will travel throughout the state and represent our Festival and KoE Organization at festivals, pageants, Celtic events and will reign over the 2023 Shenanigans and Hooligans Celtic Heritage Festival

They are:

Miss Queen Lacey Lemmon

Miss Queen Lacey Lemmon

Hailing from Churchpoint, LA, Lacey is 21, who besides working as a Pet groomer, teaches dance and enjoys barrel racing! While new to the Festival Pageant circuit, she can't wait to start traveling and representing our amazing organization!

MS Queen Roxanee Lemmon

MS Queen Roxanee Lemmon

Besides being our Miss Queen's mother (!!),  she is the mother of 3 children, the 2022 Lady Project Pink Ambassador and hails from Lafayette.  We love having the family connection!

Teen Queen Lilly Ingle

Teen Queen Lilly Ingle

Our Queens Committee was so happy with how well our KoE member represented our parade and promtesd our inaugural festival in the 8 months (over 8400 miles, 63 events!) that she was the KoE Teen of Erin, Lady in Waiting, that they asked her to relinguish her parade title and take the Celtic Heritage Festival Teen slot. She happily agreed, and can't wait to travel with her new pageant family!

Junior Queen Jolie Derks and 1st Runner up Elizabeth Newton

Junior Queen Jolie Derks

1st Runner up Elizabeth Newton

KoE Royal Court members Elizabeth Newton and Jolie Derks vied against each other for the Junior spot, and it was an extremely close score (our poor judges!). It is so wonderful to see how far these two have come from their early Princess days in our parade Royal Court!

celtic heritage crown n banner

They will be wearing the NEW Celtic Heritage Banners and Crowns, featuring the Heritage symbol of a Celtic Tree. This symbol was chosen to represent the Celtic Roots we all share, and that are our foundation, that we build on. Their rhinestone 2023 year pins were delayed, but will soon add even more shine to the banners!

Both the crowns and banners wil be passed at the 2024 pageant. Our Miss Queen also has a matching sceptor. She has a small travel mantle for now, and we hope to be able to have a new train and mantle for the festival queen within the next 3 years.

The new black banners are backed with the Louisiana tartan- it's blue, green, black, yellow and white colors represent the different natural resources of our fair state, and the Queens Committee felt like they were a great way to show how open KoE is to members, no mater where they live, and to proudly represent the state we come from, as our Queens may travel to Celtic events in surrounding states! Their travel 'fun' banners will also be made from the Tartan colored fabric, with a black center piece for their title.

Each of the queens was also given a bowl or platter of Irish crystal, in keeping with the tradition of 39 years, of KoE Queens receiving a piece to commeorate their coronation, as well as a gift bag containing tree of life earrings donated by Chairman Janee Hextall and a KoE made bracelet (also in keeping with our Coronation tradition).

queen lacey and fergus

Queen Lacey fell in love with Fergus and he will be traveling with our Queens as they visit other festivals throughout the state- lucky gator! Did we mention that Queen lacey's dress matched the jewels in her crown? 

2022 visiting royalty

We'd also like to thank the visiting Royalty from festivals throughout the state, who skipped a bigger pageant to come share in our joy and celebrate with us. they are the true epitome of Rhinestone sisterhood!


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