2022 Shenanigans and Hooligans Fest Was a SUCCESS!!!


Our first annual Shenanigans and Hooligans Celtic Fest was a resounding success, with just the minor hiccup of a major heatwave- but NO tropical storm or wave!

If you missed the Men in Kilts Dance Off Contest, you missed the BEST part of the day! Kudos to ALL the participants for dancing in wool in 90+ degree heat, and congrats to the winner- Dave #5 (tan skirt). He set the bar for winning that future contestants will have to live up to! Everybody had a blast, and this dance off looks to be the annual fav at our fest!

Our bands were just stupendously BRILLIANT- how they could play in the heat was beyond our belief!
We couldnt pick a favorite, and bet you couldn't either!!

Our Cook Off judges had a HARD time scoring both scones and marmalade!

Teen winner for both Teen divisions (and sole entry for both unfortunately) was our Teen Queen of Erin, Lilly Ingle!

In our Adult Scones division it was tough, but KOE Member Michelle Lott pulled off the win with her yummy blueberry scones, narrowly beating out hubs Barry Lott!

In the Adult Marmalade division, Melissa Anderson of Springfield, took home the win!

The kids Merida contest was about CHARACTER, and personality, and how they acted like Merida. Winner Sakura one upped her dad, who she convinced to enter the Men in Kilts Contest, which he didn't win it (but did give a valiant try)! She defintely had our Scottish princesses' michevious grin when she won!

Winner of our Door Prize, one of our stuffed Fergus alligators, was Dr Laura Kelley, one of our workshop presenters! She entered right before she left, so just goes to show you, it just takes a couple of minutes to win! Did you get to hear her workshop? We've got a couple more of her signed books about the Irish of NOLA, that we will have at upcoming events, for fundraising!

Our silent auction prizes were all picked up by their winners- I know, bummer, right?

But hopefully you picked up some great gifts for friends and family during the day from our amazing 44 vendors!

And speaking of, we still have some tshirts left! We will be re-opening the form, for members, if anyone wants to order another one, or purchase one because you forgot to! They are super light weight and soft, and perft for Summer wear! For those who need it mailed to them, we will post a different form link here, if we can get that set up- you will need to pay an additional charge for shipping.

Our Kids Zone as a HUGE hit, and we will defintely be adding to it next year- possibly with some Irish dance lessons and free dance area! Our AMAZING Beta and Key Club volunteers did a superb job all day long, running it AND our KOE Booth.

Shout out to our Teen and our Jr Maids and Princess, and Squire, from the Royal Court, who stepped up and carried on in true Royal fashion- donning their kilts for the opening march and mini-parades, handing out lots of veggies and throws, and pitching in where needed!

And to our Vistiing Royals- THANKS for bearing the heat and coming out to make our first fest special!

 All in all, everyone had a good time (except for melting), and we hosted a great FAMILY day for our community, and Celtic bretheren. Everyone is looking forward to next year ALREADY, from bands, to vendors, to attendees!

We hope YOU enjoyed it and stay tuned for more Celtic fun from KOE!


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