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2022 Royal Court Applications NOW OPEN!

*** UPDATED WITH CHANGES  12/13/21 ***  It seems like just yesterday that we started our new website (here)  with the announcement of our 37th Queen of Erin Skyla Stanley! Lori Hess Today, our 2022 Royal Court Applications are open for everyone (KOE Members received theirs at our Annual Gathering)! Please note that there is NO application for the 38th Queen,  as only those who had prior year KOE Membership, were eligible to run this year,  and they have their applications. Due to the membership requirement that took effect THIS year, if anyone is looking at running for the 39th Queen position NEXT year (2023), then they/their families need to members for the ENTIRE 2022 year (see our previous post for membership info ). The 2022 Royal Court shall be opened to any applicant, KOE Member or not: (see cover letter (page 1 of applications) and each application for additional requirements) TITLE AGE REQUIREMENT SUBMISSION REQUIREMENT Maids of Erin High School Grade 10 & up to age 22