2022 Membership Forms NOW Available!

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2021-22 Krewe of Erin membership forms are now available to download and return!

Annual membership for 2022 year is $50.00,

it has been kept at the reduced rate, to help those affected by Hurricane Ida.

Family membership includes all children under 21 living with you.

Adult children in their own homes,/with their own families, would pay their OWN membership fee.

ALL Queens of Erin have SOLO membership for life, 
extras (ie parade buggy/vegetables) and Family Memberships are NOT included

PARADE BUGGY FEE- will be $60 through December 31st!
If you pre-pay with membership, you will be locked in at this price and have no increases!
We have been told to anticipate rates increasing every month until parade!

For those new to KOE Membership- the buggy fee includes the use of the buggy and it comes FULL of cabbages, potatoes and more veggies for you to handout!

You CAN pay membership fee of $50 this month, and parade fee next month, just make sure it is noted on your payment!

Membership benefits include free attendance for special events, priority seating/reduced costs for special events, inclusion for St Patrick's Day walking parade, ability to purchase cart of vegetables/extra vegetables for parade, early entrance for Royal Court (for your children), special festival seating and perks, member meetings and community networking!
And more--

Click on link above, and you can download form to 
1. send in via snail mail with check, 
2. return completed form by email, or snail mail, after Paypal payment (please note convenience fee is added, as that is what we are charged)
3. return completed form by email, or snail mail, after Stripe payment (see bottom of home page on this website to pay by Stripe- checking, credit cards and Paypal, make sure you click ONE TIME payment, then enter the amount being paid,note there is a fee to use it as well!).

DISCOUNT PRICING until 1-1-2022, then fees go up!!!!!


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