As many of you know, our annual membership for 2021 year is $75.00


special offer

During the months of May and June, if you submit membership,
you will ONLY PAY $35.00!!!

This is for NEW members, and those returning, who had membership PRIOR to Jan 2021!

(it is NOT for returning members to pay for next year's membership!)

Family membership includes all children under 18 and those living with you. Adult children in their own homes,with their own families, would pay their OWN membership fee.

ALL Queens of Erin have membership for life, extras (ie parade buggy/vegetables) are NOT included

Perks of membership for the rest of 2021 include:
- discount for Shenanigans & Hooligans Whisky Tasting in Stpember
-special seating area for Shenanigans & Hooligans Festival in September
-able to purchase special membership Festival Tshirt 
- admission to Krewe events, before/after festival
- early notice of next year's Royal Court/Queen contest theme, 
and extra time to start working on Court projects!

We plan on having oru PARADE next year, 
so become a member now, 
and you'll be set for special membership rate for next year too!

So head on over, and grab your membership form and join today!


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